Texas Central High-Speed Railway is a private, for-profit Texas company, working to bring high-speed, high-tech rail to our great state with a route between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston in the next ten years with a travel time of 90 minutes. These bullet trains will move at speeds over 200 miles-per-hour and exceed the expectations of every traveler. Texas Central is working closely with JR Central, the internationally respected high-speed passenger rail leader, to utilize the proven N700-I Bullet Train system.


About JR Central. JR Central has developed the latest generation of world-class high-speed passenger rail and its Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail line has been in operation for nearly 50 years with a perfect safety record. It's cutting-edge technology that is fast, quiet, safe, reliable and efficient.

Project Background.Today, thousands of Texans are traveling between Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. They face a ten-hour round-trip drive, or a combined five hours navigating airport security and flying. Neither scenario offers first class amenities or an Internet connection for the entire journey. The truth is, travel between the two most robust economies in our state doesn’t have to be that way.

A gridlocked I-45 ribbons across Texas as our state’s population continues to grow. Outdated bridges, roads and airports need repair, revitalization and, in some cases, complete redesign and rebuilding. And even with these traditional infrastructure improvement projects complete, we still won’t have the capacity to eliminate the wait.

For more information about our project, please send us a note via email to info@texascentral.com