Christmas Letters

THANK YOU all for the amazing responses this Christmas.  Santa has given out all of the limited-edition high-speed train models, but more importantly your Texas Legislators have heard from you, receiving THOUSANDS of emails in just the last 10 days. While the models may be gone for now, you can still write you own letter and ask your legislators for the real thing.  Thank you so much! We love our Texas high-speed train Advocates.

Ask For The Texas High-Speed Train This Christmas!

This holiday season, millions of Texans will travel (8 million Texans just last year!) to be with their families and loved ones. Many of whom will be traveling between our two largest metros areas — DFW and Houston. Anyone who has driven or flown between these two cities knows the hassle, frustration, and frankly, the dangers involved due to the massive volume of traffic. These problems are not going away – they are getting worse. In fact, travel volume between Texas’ two economic hubs is expected to grow by at least 2% per year.

The Texas high-speed train project will help alleviate these issues and give travelers another choice beyond driving and flying, which is why recent ridership studies show that by the mid 2020’s Almost 5 million journeys will be taken via the high-speed train. That’s 5 million trips that won’t result in more cars on the road or crowds at the airport security line.

If all you want from Santa this Christmas is to be able to ride the Texas high-speed train, then please take a second to send a letter to your legislators. Make sure they know that Texans want privately-developed travel choice, safety, and efficiency to come to Texas.