Conservative Groups Weigh In On The Texas Bullet Train

In the past few months, a slate of reports have come out from Conservative organizations in opposition to legislation that would harm or kill the Texas Bullet Train project. As a project that aims to provide a new travel alternative for ALL TEXANS, we welcome support from all political parties. These reports serve as a reminder that the Texas Bullet Train is an investor-led project guided by free-market principles with wide ranging support.

“Conservatives should reject discriminatory anti-bullet train legislation”

The whole notion of government opining, much less acting, in such a situation is the antithesis of a free market,” A true free market is about allowing those who are willing to compete in the marketplace without government interference.”

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“No Basis For Conservative Opposition To The Texas Bullet Train”

“It is private investment, not government spending that creates economic growth, new jobs, and new products and services for consumers. Because it is privately financed, the Texas Central Rail project does all of that, and the alternative to the project is ironically more taxpayer financed transportation infrastructure.

—IPI President Tom Giovanetti

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“A review of a decade-long to protect landowner rights”

“It is important to remember that railroads have long exercised the power of eminent domain in order to benefit the public. The public directly benefited from use of railroads and the accompanying economic, geographical, and cultural growth those railroads helped facilitate during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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