Does the recent Reason Foundation report provide an accurate assessment of high-speed train service in Texas?

The recently published Reason Foundation report by Baruch Feigenbaum is deeply flawed and rife with uninformed biases about how Texans travel. The report offers no original research on the Texas market, and instead relies largely on an outdated state government report that explicitly warns against using it to analyze any single corridor.

The report’s author did not respond to our offer to review the very “verifiable, objective data” that his review claims we have not yet provided. That our many calls, emails and voicemails on this matter were left unacknowledged and unreturned signals a willful disinterest by the author to produce a truly comprehensive analysis. 

We disagree with the paper’s findings, its assumptions and regret its inexplicable departure from the Reason Foundation’s usual adherence to respectable, defensible academic standards.

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