“High-Speed Fans” — The Next Big Thing for The Big Game in Texas

In Texas, we do big things – and we have some really BIG GAMES!  This year, we literally have the Biggest Game, the Super Bowl, right here in Houston. North Texas hosted the Big Game in 2011 at AT&T Stadium and both regions are poised to continue hosting more mega-events like this in the future.

Imagine being able to leave your home in North Texas or Houston to go to the big games without having to sit in hours of traffic or wait in long lines at the airport… With the Texas Bullet Train you would arrive  in just 90 minutes or less and you could be back at home on the same day!

In the video above, let’s join three North Texas sports fans on their journeys from Dallas to the big game in Houston to see what would happen.

Texans are already hopping aboard the Texas Bullet Train, according to the latest TEGNA poll conducted by Survey USA, which showed 76% of Texans support the Texas Bullet Train project! 

“The poll also showed wide support for a bullet train from Dallas to Houston, if no tax dollars are used. A staggering 76 percent of those polled support a privately built train connecting the state’s two largest metro areas. Only 10 percent of those polled oppose the high-speed rail.”

Support for the Privately Developed Bullet Train is Overwhelming!

  • Supportive Texans — 76%
  • Undecided — 14%
  • Opposed — 10%

If you are one of the 76% percent of Texans who support this project, it’s very important that you let your elected officials know.  This year, the 85th Texas Legislature convenes to plan our future for the next few years. So, tell them that IT’S ABOUT TIME for this transformational project, because — it’s right for Texas.