Houston Mayor: Texas Bullet Train a “Game Changer”

In a room packed with mayors from across the country, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner used his time to speak at length about the Texas Bullet Train project, calling it “transformative” and a “game changer.” The discussion was part of a panel, Accelerating the Texas Economy at High-Speed, at the United States Conference of Mayors 85th Winter Meeting in Washington D.C. Mayor Turner praised this project and its innovative, free-market approach to transportation infrastructure.

If you can’t watch the entire video, check out some of Mayor Turner’s quotes below.

“For Texas, for the Houston region, for the Dallas region, this high-speed bullet train works for us and especially it works for the state’s taxpayers – no state or local funding. This is a good project and a collaborative effort.”

“I think it’s a game changer. I think it’s transformative.”

“They’re not relying on any state or federal grant money. It’s their money that they’re investing.”

“People recognized that we needed something transformative, something that would be different, something that would meet the needs of both regions, and quite frankly, meet the transformative needs for the state as a whole.”

“Over the next 25 years – economic impact – $36 billion, and $2.5 billion in taxes for our schools and other needs. I just don’t think you can beat that.”

“From all indications, when we looked at it, both from a Houston perspective and from a Dallas perspective, this system works.” 

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, chairman of the US Council of Mayors’ Transportation and Communications Standing Committee, also weighed in on the project at the mayor’s conference, saying,

“This (Texas Bullet Train) has to be the most important infrastructure project in the country at this time.”

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