More Landowners Share Their Positive Experiences

Respect, kindness and fairness to our neighbors are core Texas values — one’s this project has tried to exemplify from the beginning. Less than one year into our Land Option Program, results speak for themselves. The Texas Bullet Train project has done exactly what it promised — collaborating with landowners in good faith to find more than fair common ground.

Thankfully, we’re hearing the same sentiment from the landowners themselves. Many landowners have spoken up to share their experiences about working with the Texas Bullet Train project. Here are some of the most recent landowners to come forward and speak the truth about this project.

Just last week KBTX in Bryan interviewed John Bertling, a landowner who talked about the need for transportation alternatives in the corridor and called his negotiations with Texas Central a “win-win”.

Debra & Johnny Kirtley are impacted landowners from Madisonville, TX. They, like many other landowners had concerns about the project after being told that they would not be negotiated with in good faith. Fortunately, they saw the potential benefits in safety, efficiency and value to our state and decided to engage with the project’s representatives. Their fears were quickly replaced with excitement for the project. In their own words…

“When people come and say they’re going to bully you, that is not the case…They are so professional and, in fact, when they came and made an offer, it was actually above our market value. There was no bullying, there was no arm-twisting, and there was no rudeness. It was strictly a win-win situation for us and, I think, for Texas.

Landowner Barbara Corley, from Madisonville, Tx, shares her opinion of how the Land Option Program negotiations have gone with Texas Central. She share’s some of the ways in which she was pleasantly surprised with the process and shares her opinion of what the people opposed to the project should consider.

“I think they (the groups opposed to the train) need to listen and give this a chance, because the world is growing and this is just a part of it.  And it will help this community and every other community from Houston to Dallas.”

We’re so glad to be working with people like Barbara, Debra, Johnny and John…as well as the many other landowners who have accepted or are considering land purchase options. Their willingness to help the Texas Bullet Train succeed will benefit Texans for generations to come.

To learn more about the unique approach this project takes in its negotiations with landowners, please review this project’s Guiding Principles. This project also fully supports and embraces the tenets of the Landowner’s Bill of Rights, found here.