Job Opening: Mechanical Maintenance Officer

Position Description

We are seeking an experienced professional to join the Texas Central team to ensure that all engineering and maintenance strategies, policies, and procedures for the maintenance of Texas Central’s N700 fleet are developed and implemented during the development, construction, testing & commissioning, and passenger service phases. The Mechanical Maintenance Officer is responsible for the development, planning, and coordination of Texas Central’s design and maintenance strategies and priorities for the N700 trainset and the Train Maintenance Facility supporting the high-speed rail service. 

The Transportation Operations Manager will report to the Chief Engineer and Maintenance Officer.

About Texas Central

Texas Central is an investor-owned enterprise with a mission to build the first commercially viable, privately-sponsored high speed rail system serving the public as a common carrier in the United States. The Company will utilize the Japanese Shinkansen N700 which is the safest and best technology to meet the engineering, operating and environmental challenges and conditions in Texas. Texas Central is looking to hire energetic and passionate individuals to work in a team environment to complete this revolutionary project in Texas.

Key Responsibilities Will Comprise:

  • Ensure that all engineering and design efforts related to the N700 fleet and the Train Maintenance Facility(s) (TMF) deliver the desired system performance objectives and ensure the successful transfer and delivery of Shinkansen high-speed rail technologies to Texas Central.
  • In coordination with the Chief Engineering and Maintenance Officer (CEMO), manage Texas Central’s Operations and Maintenance partners in all matters pertaining to the N700 trainset fleet, rail equipment maintenance fleet, and the train maintenance facility(s).
  • Ensure that Texas Central’s engineering and maintainability requirements are known and coordinated with the selected train fleet Maintenance Service Contractor, the Design/Build Team, HTeC, Project Management Consultant, and other Texas Central staff members and consultants and are thoroughly communicated and coordinated.   The Mechanical Maintenance Officer, in coordination with the CEMO, will have final decision and policy authority on all high-speed trainset maintenance matters.
  • Work with the designated Operations and Maintenance Service Contractor to ensure that customer service needs, especially those relating to reliability, scheduling, and maintainability of N700 trainsets, rail maintenance equipment and the TMF, are accounted for and supported.
  • Work with the selected Maintenance Service Contractor in the development of all N700 trainset Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) plans, policies, procedures, and practices.  Ensure that the ITM meets all FRA and other federal, state and local requirements.
  • Work in coordination with Texas Central’s Safety and Health Manager to design and implement system safety policies and procedures for all operations and maintenance activities and support a positive safety culture.  Lead in the development of the System Safety and Security Management Plan and Emergency Preparedness Plan.
  • Work closely with Texas Central leadership and regulatory leads to ensure that maintenance policies, practices, and procedures are consistent with FRA, and other federal, state and local regulations and requirements.
  • Serve as part of Texas Central’s team with federal, state and local officials, the Texas Department of Transportation, county and city officials, business community leaders, and Texans generally in promoting Texas Central’s high-speed rail services.
  • In coordination with the CEMO, establish the short and long term goals for the railroad company’s operations and maintenance needs and priorities.
  • Ensure that all of the N700’s fleet design elements of the high-speed rail program are delivered within scope, quality standards, budget and schedule throughout the duration of the entire project.
  • In coordination with Texas Central’s Safety and Health Manager, execute the safety strategy and continuous improvement processes.  Develop best-in-class system safety practices, policies and procedures for all N700 Maintenance activities.
  • Manage and oversee the development of all plans, policies, procedures, practices and documents prepared by the selected N700 Trainset Maintenance Contractor,
  • Ensure compliance with all FRA and other regulatory requirements for the maintenance of the N700 Fleet.
  • Assist the TCP/TCRH Team in meeting Financial Close.


  • Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited university related to mechanical or electrical engineering or similar discipline.
  • At least ten years of experience in the maintenance of modern passenger rail vehicles and MOW equipment.
  • At least five years of management experience related to maintenance management planning, management systems, safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Demonstrated technical writing, data management, verbal communication, presentation, and teaching skills.
  • Demonstrated experience working and coordinating with the Federal Railway Administration as well as a thorough knowledge of the railway regulatory framework for passenger rail, preferably including alternative compliance procedures.
  • Experience with introduction of new technologies, testing and commissioning of systems preferred.
  • Experience with contractor oversight a plus.
  • Computer skills (including Excel, Word, Power Point); valid driver’s license; the ability to access locations under active construction; and the ability to travel to the field and work days, nights, and weekends as needed.
  • Ability upon hiring to work in the United States.
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Texas Central is an Equal Opportunity Employer of all qualified individuals, including minorities, women, veterans & individuals with disabilities