Milestone Reached This Week On The Texas Bullet Train

Dallas City Council Takes Official Action To Approve Plan

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the Dallas City Council took action to ensure the Texas High-Speed Train can work collaboratively with them to apply for a necessary permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. As part of this partnership, Texas Central will contribute up to $1.55 Million to the city’s new “Dallas High Speed Rail Funds” account.

This money will cover the cost incurred by the city for its staff and a third party engineering firm to review and file the permit application – highlighting the projects approach as a private development and commitment not to take federal operating subsidies or grants for construction.

This marks a significant milestone in the project to build the Texas Bullet Train line — America’s first true high-speed rail system connecting passengers between Dallas, Houston, and the Brazos Valley in just 90 minutes. It also underscores Texas Central’s commitment to privately developing the project; protecting and respecting Texas taxpayers at federal, state and local levels. 

Source: KXAS-TV News 8/24/2016

We are thrilled the Dallas City Council supports our vision for Texas’ future and has endorsed a major milestone in our plan to bring state-of-the-art bullet train system to our great state.  If you too endorse this project and support the principles of private-sector growth in Texas, we ask that you take a moment to let your elected officials know about your support. Simply fill out the form on this page and send an email to all of your legislators with one click.

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