Students and Legislators Show Their Support for the Texas Bullet Train.

As we enter the final few weeks of the 85th Texas Legislative Session, support to #BuildThisTrain continues to grow and Bullet Train supporters are making their voices heard in Austin. At a Texas House Transportation Committee hearing last week, a group of students from Texas A&M, Blinn College, University of Houston and Texas Southern University traveled to Austin to deliver testimony in opposition to a slate of bills aimed at harming or stopping the Bullet Train project.

Thanks to your continued support, your Bullet Train is being built every day.

In addition, 12 legislators (Eric Johnson, Linda Koop, Roberto Alonzo, Rafael Anchía, Rodney Anderson, Cindy Burkett, Angie Chen Button, Morgan Meyer, Victoria Neave, Toni Rose, Ron Simmons and Jason Villalba) recently signed a strong letter of support that was published by the Dallas Morning News.

Thanks to all of the Texans who reached out to their legislators, wrote letters and showed up in Austin to testify in person, none of these were adopted by the House Committee.

A&M, Blinn students, professor stand in support of high-speed rail at House Transportation Committee Hearing

“Not only will congestion on roads be reduced but money for road expansions between the two cities can be used to provide better connectivity in other parts of the state. This is makes the taxpayers money go further. Connecting two of the nation’s five fastest growing cities by high speed rail will benefit people at the destinations and along the route.

—Texas A&M urban planning student, Olivia Alvarado

“The wreck I had that day [on I-45] still haunts me to this day, mostly in part because it was not my fault. This could have been anyone … Now whenever I get back on I-45 it is all I can think about. This state needs this “railway.”

– Nicholas Torres – Student – University of Houston

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Legislators Support The Bullet Train | Dallas News

“We support this project because it will provide significant additional capacity for our transportation system without drawing on the state’s scarce taxpayer dollars. Instead, this project uses an innovative, entrepreneurial approach that combines investment from private investors from Texas and across the country and infrastructure capital from across the globe.

—Joint Letter from 12 Texas Legislators

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