Support Keeps Rolling In For the Texas Bullet Train

The Texas Bullet Train project has received some high-profile support over the past couple of months, including affirmations from the largest professional membership association in Texas, two North Texas cities, and the oldest public university in the state – all of which recognized the incredible potential for a transportation solution of this magnitude in Texas.

New project supporters include:

Together, these groups represent a microcosm of the project’s overall support base, encompassing a wide array of Texans and Texas institutions. Their support is another great sign of the building momentum for this new and exciting travel alternative between North Texas, Houston, and the Brazos Valley.

The Texas Association of Realtors, representing 100,000 members, announced its support for this project in the December 2016 issue of Texas Realtor Magazine, stating that “TAR supports high-speed rail in Texas as a factor in attracting to the state property owners and businesses that desire alternative transportation methods.”

The project also was included in the legislative agenda of the Metro 8 Chambers of Commerce, representing the eight largest metropolitan areas in Texas (Arlington, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio). Collectively, they represent more than 20,000 Texas companies and employ a large portion of the state’s workforce.

Prairie View A&M University announced its support for the project in a public letter to Texas Central, signed by University President George C. Wright. In the letter, Wright wrote that the project will “make travel from both Houston and Dallas more convenient and will help expand the reach of the university.”

The Plano City Council approved a resolution in support of the project, pointing out that it will help to alleviate congestion along I-45 and will mark the first bullet train in the United States. The Duncanville City Council followed in early December, approving a resolution by a margin of 6-0. Duncanville Mayor David Green called the project a “fiscal catalyst” and cited relief of traffic congestion as a major benefit.

The North Houston District passed a resolution in support of the project, writing that it “provides a safe, reliable and efficient transportation alternative for those traveling between the growing Houston and North Texas regions.” There are approximately 72,000 employees and around 112,000 residents who live and work in the North Houston District along I-45.

And, the project is also proud to announce the support of the North Texas Star Republican Women, an organization that promotes Conservative principles and works to increase the effectiveness of women in politics. The group’s enthusiastic affirmation further shows that this project has bipartisan support.

Representatives of the Texas Bullet Train project have given more than 750 presentations and speeches to communities, organizations and other constituencies in the last 2 years.

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