TDMN Editorial: “With private funding and no public incentives, how can we oppose the Texas Bullet Train?”

On the heels of a week’s worth of tremendous media coverage, The Dallas Morning News published a column on Tuesday, With private funding and no public incentives, how can we oppose the Texas bullet train?

The column makes a compelling and thoughtful case for why this transformative project enjoys such strong support, because of the free market principles on which it is being developed. It comes one week after a slate of bills designed to kill the project were filed – a project we all know will create tens of thousands of jobs and drive billions in economic growth. Those bills were referenced in a series of articles in The Dallas Morning News and Texas Tribune in the last week.

The heightened media attention garnered a response from TDMN editorial board, “Lawmakers file flurry of misguided bills to derail the Dallas-to-Houston bullet train”. On Monday, the Texas Tribune hosted a Facebook Live event with TDMN Reporter Jill Cowan and Texas Tribune Reporter Brandon Formby, who discussed the potential impact of this project on Texas. You can watch the video, here.

Also on Monday, Texas Tribune CEO and co-founder Evan Smith interviewed Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner about a host of issues, including the Texas Bullet Train project.

“This is an opportunity, for example, to add 10,000 jobs per year for four years – that’s a lot of jobs,” Turner said. “The economic return is right at $2.5 billion in taxes coming back for our schools and other entities. That’s major.”

You can watch the entire video here. The project is discussed beginning at the 42:05 mark.

And, on Friday morning at the Texas Tribune event, “Dallas and the Legislature: A Preview of the 85th” both, Republican State Senator Don Huffines and Democrat Rafael Anchia, expressed their support for this landmark transportation project, underscoring the fact that mobility economic development are not partisan issues.

Finally, on Monday, Charles Kuffner of the “Off the Kuff” blog, interviewed Texas Central Managing Director, External Affairs, Holly Reed on his podcast. You can listen to it, here.

If you’re on board with the Texas Bullet Train Project, please let your elected officials know below.