County Emergency Access

The Rumor
First responders in the smaller counties between North Texas and Houston will be unable to handle the care and management of a high-speed train accident or derailment.”
The Reality

Shinkansen high-speed train technology has proven to be the safest and most reliable system in the world.

In their more than 54-year operating history, these trains have carried nearly 10 billion passengers without a single fatality due to derailments or collisions.

Regardless of this perfect record, prudence dictates that first-responders along the entire route be fully equipped and trained to world-class standards. This is why Texas Central will assume the cost to provide additional resources such as training and equipment for local first responders. For example, Texas Central is currently working on an Emergency Preparedness Plan that federal agencies review for sufficiency prior to granting approval to begin operations. This plan will include, among other things, the protocols and procedures to follow in the event of an emergency incident.

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