Land Access

The Rumor
“The project will split properties in half, cut farmers and ranchers off from large portions of their land, restrict their access to water, and prevent the movement of equipment, cattle and wildlife.”
The Reality

The high-speed train system will preserve access for landowners to their property.

A majority of the 240-miles of tracks will be elevated on viaducts. Where viaducts are not needed for elevation, the system will run on elevated berms. Both options, however, provide for large and conveniently located underpasses or overpasses.

Furthermore, as part of the overall project development processes, Texas Central and its representatives are meeting with each landowner to discuss their needs – including necessary private underpasses or overpasses for landowners to cross the right-of-way. Our commitment is to work with each landowner in a fair and personalized manner and we will take great care to accommodate wildlife and livestock movement within the project alignment.

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