The Rumor
“The train cannot possibly keep the traveling public safe unless you have the same type of security we see in airports.”
The Reality

Safety and security of passengers is at the heart of every decision being made to develop this system.

The project employs industry experts with extensive experience in transportation security who are already working on security plans and procedures. Members of the project’s security team have ongoing dialogue with the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration to discuss every aspect of the project. They have also developed safety guidelines for other rail systems in the United States.

While the project is still working on its security plan, it will be thorough and there will be plenty of security to protect the safety of passengers and employees — both visible and unseen by the public.
It’s important to note that rail security requirements today are different from that of air travel and do not require the intrusive experience passengers undergo while flying. And, as security technology evolves, the project will deploy processes and procedures in line with regulations that allow passengers peace of mind while traveling.

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