The Rumor
High-speed rail isn’t viable in America —people can already drive or fly. High-speed trains offer minimal advantages at best, your “final mile” travel options are limited, and Texans just love their trucks too much to ride trains.”
The Reality

Four years of studies and many millions of dollars of privately financed research have shown travelers want a choice.

There is increasing demand for high-speed trains as a travel alternative between Dallas and Houston. Travelers want a safe, reliable, productive option.

Just as with an airport, the system’s stations will have a myriad of connection options, including regional transit, rental cars, taxis, App-based driving services, good old fashioned parking garages and lanes where you can get dropped-off or picked-up by a friend, colleague or family member. And, access for driverless cars is being contemplated as well.

Busting Myths At High Speed
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