The Preferred Alignment as shown in the FRA's DEIS

The Transportation Workforce Opportunity Program will create opportunities for partners, prime contractors and their major suppliers and subcontractors to establish, train and develop a diverse workforce for the completion and maintenance of the Texas Central Railroad.

Through this program, career seekers will gain access to scholarships, apprenticeships, recruiting events and more, allowing Texans to enhance trade-related skills and continue to work on meaningful projects in the future.

Texas Central is dedicated to changing lives and impacting careers of Texans with the creation of 10,000+ jobs beginning in 2020.

Join Our Effort!

Does your organization provide skills training for the workforce of the future?
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Our Human Resources Vision

Texas Central’s vision is to be the employer of choice; a company that fosters an innovative and inclusive culture and a company where our people can grow their careers.

Future Employment Opportunities

  • Equipment Operator
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Safety Engineer
  • Train Driver
  • Construction Manager
  • Call Center Operations
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance
  • And more!

Partnership Groups

The following community institutions and organizations supporting the TWO initiative are committed to delivering skills training and workforce preparation for upcoming career opportunities.