Benefits for the Brazos Valley


The Texas high-speed train project will have substantial and long-lasting benefits for the Brazos Valley. The private development of a Brazos Valley station will spur economic development, connect educational networks, create jobs and increase local tax revenues all while providing a safer and more-efficient way to travel.

Connecting Economic Hubs

Get from the Brazos Valley Station to Houston (approximately 30 minutes) or to North Texas (approximately 60 minutes) comfortably, safely and productively. High-speed trains create a more efficient connection between the Brazos Valley other Texas economic hubs.

Connecting Educational Networks

High-speed trains will help connect Texas A&M’s largest specialty campuses by rail: Texas A&M’s flagship campus in College Station, Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas and Texas A&M School of Law in Fort Worth.

Students, parents and researchers will have a safe, reliable alternative when traveling from North Texas or Houston to Sam Houston State, Blinn College or Texas A&M University.

Accelerating Our Economy

This project will not only create jobs for Brazos Valley residents, but it will create an entire new industry. The construction of high-speed train infrastructure will produce approximately 17,000 jobs along the entire route. Once complete, the project will generate as many as 1,500 full-time jobs with an annual payroll of $80 million. Additionally, a recent analysis estimated the potential economic impact for Texas could equal as much as $36 billion over the next 25 years.

Safety in Numbers

This system would offer residents and large numbers of out of town visitors a safer, faster travel alternative by significantly decreasing accidents due to drunk, drowsy or distracted driving. This will allow a safer and more-efficient way for Texans to get to and from the Brazos Valley for large-scale events in and around the area.