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Statements of Support
Why do you support the high-speed train?

We’re a medical needs foster family and so we do a lot of traveling. We take our foster kids to Texas Children’s in Houston very frequently, one or two times a week. And then we also travel to the Dallas area for family visits for our foster kids. And so having a train would be very convenient. It would be a quicker way and a more relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Bekah W.

Foster mom from Grimes County

So the ability to move patients via high-speed train, a lot of people, even if it’s only the ones that can take care of themselves for a couple of hours, offers a lot of opportunity. You can move them to a new place in a rapid manner and they can take care of themselves on the train or you can have a few people monitoring them. But you can move an entire hospital or an entire nursing home and keep them corralled in one place and move them safely, rapidly somewhere else.

Laura G.

Emergency Medical Services Training Specialist from Central Texas

Well, knowing what I know about the economy in this part of the world, its built off of two things: oil & gas and coal. And coal is just about over. The big coal mine here in Leon County stops production December 31, 2016. Its not coming back. So, the folks in this part of the world are going to have to replace that tax base with something. This project is the perfect opportunity. [Leon County is] going to get tax revenue off of it. They’re going to get people in here. They’re going to get workers. You know, you’re going to have field offices. You’re going to have maintenance offices. You’re going to have all kinds of infrastructure involved with this project, why not be here?

Greg K.

Buffalo, TX commuter

We’ve tried and tried and tried to get large industrial concerns to come in here and increase our tax base, which will lower our taxes and improve our schools. The counties along the track here have an opportunity to get their school taxes lowered – that’s a good thing, and at the same time have the best schools they ever imagined having – well, that’s a good thing. Counties along it can also get their taxes lowered – that’s a good thing, and get the services provided by those counties raised – that’s a good thing, and probably best of all as we have seen outside of cities, when you really do have good schools and a low tax environment people are willing to pay a premium to move there.

Randy P.

Landowner from Crockett, TX

Reason number 1 is the traffic on interstate 45. I do commute 200 miles round trip every day between Waxahachie and Buffalo, and the traffic congestion along interstate 45 is terrible, and gets worse every day. So anything we can do to take more cars off the highway and relieve congestion is a great idea. Secondly is the economic impact the project will have, the creation of jobs, the benefits that will bring to not only the counties but also to the suppliers and the contractors that will be involved in it. It will create thousands of jobs – new jobs that I think we need here. And create a lot of economic base that I think will do us a lot of good. And thirdly I believe this is a very progressive thing to do. This will be the first rail line of its kind in the Western Hemisphere so I think this is something that will be really great and Texas Can brag on for having the first one and the best one. There are many businesses here locally that are supportive of it. A lot of people think its just a great idea, but there is a lot of pressure put on people to not say that out loud.

David P.

Landowner from Waxahachie, TX

As a student at Texas A&M, I also see this an an excellent source for students to use to make trips home easier and safer, especially for out-of-state students who are currently using a shuttle system to get to an airport, and then fly home. This will increase community cohesion and encourage more businesses to move into the Texas region. The quick means of transporting between 2 major cities and a large college town will strengthen community ties and foster economic growth.

Cody P.

Texas A&M University Student

To get to my grandchildren faster, who wouldn’t love that?

Sarah F.

Facebook Fan

As a medical researcher at the Texas Medical Center, I can see absolutely massive benefits to this connection to Dallas. This would allow much easier collaboration between institutions at the TMC and at UT Southwestern, UT Dallas, etc. The simple act of halving travel time is enough to enhance this connection significantly.

Ryan C.

Houston, TX

How has your experience been with TCP’S option purchase program?

You couldn’t have chosen any better. Good experience… I’ve dealt with oil and gas people. Have not been treated well through the years at different times. But, exemplary, is just one word.

Nancy B.

Leon County

It was a pleasure working with [Texas Central representative] Beverly. We were skeptical at first, but her professionalism made us comfortable throughout the process. She has a wonderful personality and ability to explain the documents and process in a way we understood. Eh was thorough which left us without fear of any hidden ‘small print’. We felt that we were treated fairly and with respect throughout this experience. We are confident that we will continue to be treated well in all future dealing.

David and Geordeana D.

Montgomery County

Both the agent representing Texas Central and one of the acquisition executives from TCP were both very responsive and even made a special visit to meet with us in our Orlando offices to work through the terms of an agreement to acquire portions of our land. We were very pleased with the financial terms of the Option Agreement we received, and with the diligence and attention to detail throughout our dealings.

David P.

Grimes County

I lived in my home for over 30 years; I planned on living the rest of my life there. Some things are not meant to be. I have been dealt with fair and reasonable care. The offer made to me was fair. I have found another home for my family and myself, and we are looking forward to making new memories here. Any fears I had of not being treated fairly were unfounded.

Cheryl P.

Grimes County

We were originally unhappy of the impact of the high-speed rail, and having to move but from the first phone call with [Texas Central land agent] Lee, she was very respectful, honest, and never tried to push us into signing anything. She just explained our options. We were very pleased with the way Lee handled the offer option and was also very friendly. The survey crews were also very respectful while they were on my property. So overall I was very pleased with Texas Central.


Grimes County