Landowner Resources


The Texas Central team is committed to working hand-in-hand with landowners along the length of the 240-mile route, treating all parties with respect and negotiating in good faith in a fair and respectful process consistent with all Texas laws.

You can read about this commitment and the tenets that this Railroad team embraces in the Texas Landowners’ Bill of Rights.

In building the high-speed train, minimizing any disruption to the environment, landowners and communities is paramount, which is why the tracks will follow existing utility corridors and public rights-of-way as much as possible. High-speed trains will run along elevated viaduct structures or on grade-separated berms to allow for the free movement of people, animals, vehicles and equipment from one side of the alignment to the other.

Whether elevated on a viaduct structure or not, each mile of the route is being designed with as narrow a footprint as possible to allow farming activities, livestock grazing and other surface activities to continue as they do today.