Life On The Fast Train

Life On The Fast Train
A Better Way to Travel

For those who frequently travel between Houston, North Texas, and the Brazos Valley, you understand why Texans are demanding better travel options within the state. Current choices are stressful, inefficient and can be downright dangerous. Here is a small glimpse into why high-speed trains will be the best way to get across Texas.

Texans Deserve Better

High-speed trains provide a BETTER WAY to travel the Lone Star State by removing the many pain points of driving and flying. From flexible booking options and seamless interchanges to frictionless security, wide aisles, comfortable seating, fast WIFI and food and beverage service, high-speed trains provide an anxiety-free travel experience for families, business travelers, students, tourists and anyone else traveling between North Texas, the Brazos Valley and Houston.

It’s SAFE. RELIABLE. COMFORTABLE. It’s a BETTER way to travel Texas.

A Streamlined Travel Experience
A Better Way
Multiple Entries for Accessibility and Ease


No Middle-Seat Squeeze

Once seated, all travelers will enjoy Texas-sized seats with more legroom and NO middle seats.  You’ll have instant access to blazing-fast onboard WIFI.No more turning electronics on and off for take-off and landing. Your phone is always on “train” mode.


Easy Booking

For travelers looking for a more dependable, efficient experience, the entire journey will be ultra-fast– from the booking process to security to the ride itself. If you’re running late, the Texas system is being developed to automatically prompt your phone with alternative departure times.


Family Friendly

On the Texas high-speed trains, families don’t ever have to worry about removing a child from a stroller before boarding – wide aisles will allow for strollers to easily navigate the station and train cars.



Travelers with disabilities will have the option to stay in their wheelchairs for the entirety of the ride, while still being able to move freely around the train. Service animals can be accommodated at any seat, not just in bulkhead rows.

High-speed trains also have multiple doors for fast and easy loading and unloading during boarding and departure, no more waiting on the tarmac, queuing of wheelchairs or struggles to load up stairs to a bus or vehicle.

A Safe Way to Travel Texas
A Better Way
The SAFE way to travel Across Texas

High-speed trains will deploy the world’s safest mass transit technology, Shinkansen high-speed trains, which have operated in Japan for more than 54 years with ZERO fatalities during operations. Think about that. In 2016, there were 3,773 fatalities on Texas roads alone.

Driving between North Texas and Houston is increasingly frustrating – and dangerous – as just last year I-45 was ranked the 2nd most dangerous highway in the U.S. With daily traffic jams, distracted drivers and a never-ending series of construction zones, the 4-and-a-half-hour drive can easily turn into 6 or more. No wonder so many Texans are demanding a better choice.

With the Texas train, you will not have to endure another dangerous, unpredictable slog on that highway again. And, say goodbye to crowded airports, flight delays, cumbersome security checks and skinny airplane seats and aisles, just to take a short flight across the state.

Texans deserve better. This train delivers.

A Secure Way to Travel Texas
A Better Way
Secure Travel Across Texas

Train travelers do not have to suffer the same intrusive airport security experience that results in disrobing and unpacking.  On this train, you can keep your boots on!

The railroad is committed to providing a world-class, safe and comfortable experience, building the latest security technology into the stations and design. Already, industry experts with extensive experience in global transportation security are working on comprehensive plans to ensure the safety of the railroad, passengers and employees. The project’s security team has an ongoing dialogue with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Public Safety, and the Transportation Security Administration to discuss and implement procedures.

For these reasons and many more, high-speed trains will be the preferred mode of travel for millions of Texans moving between the two regions.

It's About Time Texas
For A Better Way
For Better Safety
For Better Access
For Better Reliability
For Better Comfort