Texas High-Speed Train: Improving Lives and Benefitting Communities

Stephanie Nellons-PaigeIt is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Business and Workforce Opportunity Program (BWOP). Texas Central is excited about the opportunity to provide thousands of meaningful jobs to Texas residents and businesses through the nation’s first high-speed train system.  In addition to the creation of career opportunities, this project will allow us to invest money back into our local communities, providing a substantial and lasting effect on our state’s economy. Inspired by our board-adopted policy, this program will generate significant financial benefits to the state, and its purpose extends far beyond profit. 

At the core of the BWOP is commitment to diversity and inclusion, which spurs collaborative decision-making processes and increases organizational effectiveness.  Texas Central believes diversity of thought, background and ethnicity are vital to this project’s sustained success and is actively working to create a culture that elevates this belief.  The BWOP mission is to promote the value and development of Texas-based, small, rural, and minority-, woman-, veteran- and disabled individual-owned businesses by offering fair and competitive opportunities to bid and participate in building and operating the Texas high-speed train.

There are two fundamental tenets of this initiative: The Business Opportunity Program (BOP), which focuses on the inclusion of diverse contractors, subcontractors and vendors to deliver quality goods and services that support the design, development and operation of this extensive project; and the Transportation Workforce Opportunity (TWO) Program, which provides pathways for individuals to receive training, trade developments and certifications needed to work for and with Texas Central and its partners.

This transformative project will serve as a model for national infrastructure and regional planning and will strengthen the national economy. We hope you share our eagerness as we move from the planning phase and into execution in 2020.  Visit our web pages often for updates on how to stay connected and join us in the movement to positively impact our local communities through the build-out of the high-speed train.

Stephanie Nellons-Paige

Managing Director, Diversity and Economic Inclusion


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