America is About Mobility

America is About Mobility
America is About Mobility

America is About Mobility


“A privately funded high-speed train line relying on no state or federal funding is in accordance with Texas principles.”

– Fairooz Adams, SMU Student & Texas Central Intern

Of the many things that sets our republic apart as the single indispensable nation, one is America’s commitment to freedom. In this continual quest to become a more perfect union, America brings to life the words enshrined by the Founders and subsequent statesmen in our Constitution. Of the many things that had to come together to make the American experience possible, one often neglected fact we must consider is: mobility.

Mobility has been at the foundation of the American story, from the first migrations off of Beringia, to the puritans aboard the Mayflower, the pioneers on their trek across the vastness of the American West, to the intrepid spacemen whose bravery means America remains the only nation to have set humans onto another celestial body.

America is about mobility.

Combining freedom and mobility means America has always been, and must continue to be, a nation and a people who foster opportunity, innovation, and remain at the cusp of humanity’s next great leap.

A bulk of the greatest innovations of the last century and a half were either invented in the United States or perfected by America. Locomotives, the telephone, camera, machines that can think, jet aircraft, rockets, the internet, and much more either originated in America or were made better by our innovators. And even while some of these great inventions elsewhere had less than noble intentions, America’s adoption of them has vastly improved the human experience worldwide, and this freedom and opportunity means options; a myriad of them.

Nevertheless, there is an area in which America has failed to keep up, and it is high speed trains. Texas cities Dallas and Houston are easily amongst the fastest growing in the nation, and that will mean increasing commerce and activity between the cities, but also increased congestion, delays, and waste.

At the moment Texans are limited to two options, to travel by air or automobile. Another option, high speed trains, is ready to go and thankfully has half a century’s worth of experience and zero fatalities to demonstrate safety that is matched only by its reputation for speed and efficiency.

A rider aboard the Shinkansen train, as it is currently used to link Osaka and Tokyo, will find a ride that is by far smoother than traveling by car with speed and limited hassle.

privately funded high-speed train line relying on no state or federal funding is in accordance with Texas principles: it champions business, private sector job creation, and brings to America cutting edge technology which is safe and reliable for families and businesspeople alike. Most of all: it is quintessentially what our nation is about because it brings opportunity, freedom, choices, and more options for mobility.

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