Another major milestone for your high-speed train!

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RPA Ruling from the Federal Railroad Administration

It is our pleasure to share that your Texas High-Speed Train has reached yet another major accomplishment. These milestones do not happen without your continued support to help make sure elected officials, regulators and opinion leaders in our communities know this is good for Texas and our Country. So, THANK YOU again for your active support.

Here is the news:  Texas Central’s petition for rulemaking to issue a Rule of Particular Applicability (RPA) has been granted by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

The RPA will be a set of regulatory requirements applicable specifically to the project in Texas being developed by Texas Central.  These will regulate the railroad’s system and operations between Houston and Dallas. Our petition was first filed in April 2016, and this action by the FRA shows a major move forward in the approvals needed for the project.

What does this mean?  It means that we continue to be on track for the two FRA actions, this safety rule and the environmental permit, to both be completed next year with financial close and construction quickly following.

The FRA’s action on the rule of particular applicability marks a major achievement for the Texas High-Speed Train bringing us closer to making true high-speed trains a reality in the United States. We’re pleased that the FRA recognizes the world-class standards set by the Shinkansen and validates our plans to replicate the best safety system in the world, right here in Texas.

Congresswoman Kay Granger (R-TX12) put out a statement (full statement can be accessed HERE), which includes these quotes:

“Securing DOT’s commitment to move forward with the Texas High Speed Rail Project is a significant win for all Texans, especially those who live in the Twelfth District, because it will create job opportunities, boost our economy, increase mobility and spur productivity in the Lone Star State. I’m pleased DOT recognized the importance of high-speed rail and am encouraged they will be moving forward with the regulatory process required to advance the project.”

Texas Central Chairman of the Board, Drayton McLane Jr., added:

“The Federal Railroad Administration’s action on the RPA marks a major achievement to make this project a reality for all Texans. This is a bold move by the Secretary, and the Department of Transportation, to ensure we implement the safest passenger rail system in the world.”

There is a lot of work left to do, and we appreciate your continued interest in following our progress. Thank you again for being on board. Full steam all-electric train ahead!