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Gonzo247 Mural Dallas Side

Texas Central railroad will create an incredible arts ecosystem across the communities it serves.  It will connect people in less than 90 minutes reliably so you know you will make the curtain or opening event. Artists, patrons, donors, venues, and performers will all benefit and these connections will help expand many other aspects of the art economy and facilitate collaboration.

We recognize the importance of the arts in Texas, so when we walked into our Houston office and saw a big blank wall, it was a great opportunity to act on our commitment to engage and promote our local communities.  We are proud to already be inspiring artists and creators like Gonzo247. Gonzo, a Houston native and popular graffiti artist, is a maker and creator on Houston’s front lines, shining bright, colorful lights on the path forward. He recently painted a wall-sized mural of the high-speed train that now adorns that blank wall in Texas Central’s Houston office.

“Much like the train that will connect the arts communities of Houston and Dallas, Gonzo is a natural connector,” said Marci Regan, Executive Director of Fresh Arts in Houston. “With his own manner of gentleness and authenticity, he has changed the way his art form is perceived, and, in doing so, he has inspired others to reach for their goals as he has.  We’re excited about the opportunity to spread his vision to Dallas and beyond.”

Texas is bursting at the seams with creativity and ingenuity, and the Texas high-speed train will connect these communities like never before. And here’s what some of the folks in these communities are saying:

From North Texas:

“The arts institutions of North Texas and Houston are the crown jewels of the Lone Star State, and the Texas high-speed train will only make them shine brighter. The ease and speed of travel will spark more artistic collaborations, and the boost in cultural tourism between our great cities will be a game-changer.”

— Debbie Storey, president and CEO of the AT&T Performing Arts Center

From Houston:

“As a Houston-based artist, I would love to be able to explore new markets for my work and explore the galleries and museums in Dallas and points in between. A high-speed connection between Houston and Dallas will affect artists, collectors and museum goers in unimaginable ways.”

— Erik Hagen, Erik Hagen Studio

What Others in the Arts Community Are Saying…