Train Talk: Rapid Response with Former FRA Safety Chief Bob Lauby


Train Talk: Rapid Response with Former FRA Safety Chief Bob Lauby

Former FRA Safety Chief Answers Questions on Regulatory Issues, Interoperability, and Safety Practices

In this special episode, Rebecca sits down with Bob Lauby, the Former Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety and Chief Safety Officer of the Federal Railroad Administration, to discuss the FRA’s role in oversight of the project, the incredible safety record of the Shinkansen system, the importance of purpose-built infrastructure like the Texas high-speed train and the superiority of a building a fully dedicated system over one that shares infrastructure with other technologies.

During this legislative session, several bills have been proposed that would impact the regulatory structure, or force a Texas high-speed railway to deploy standards that have been proven to be unsafe to the traveling public. As someone with vast railway safety expertise, Bob Lauby shows us how the proposed operating structure by Texas Central is the right-way to proceed.  If you agree, please send a note to your Texas legislators using the form on this page, and tell them not to vote for changes that could impact the safety and viability of the first true high-speed train system in the United States!