Inside Look: What Life Is Really Like On The Fast Train

Guest Blog From Blogger Liz White
Guest Blog From Blogger Liz White

Inside Look: What Life Is Really Like On The Fast Train

By Liz White — Blogger From Austin Texas.  Follow her on Instagram @lizleewhite

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By now, you’ve obviously heard about the Texas Bullet Train. You probably know that it will get you from Dallas to to Houston in just 90 minutes. But, if you’re unfamiliar with high-speed rail technology, it’s hard to imagine what a journey on the Bullet Train will really be like. Lucky for all of us (especially me), a few weeks ago I was able to take a trip to Tokyo, Japan and can now give you the inside scoop on my experience aboard the Shinkansen Bullet Train, from boarding to final stop.

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It’s Smooth Sailing

Riding the Shinkansen was quick, easy, and most importantly, stress-free. The stations are airy and clean, and automated ticket kiosks make check in a breeze. The stations provide plenty of directional signage to help you find your platform without hassle. Unlike airport security, security at the train station was a breeze – no long lines or taking your shoes on and off.

Throughout our 10-day trip, we used the Shinkansen on three different occasions. Each of our trains arrived on time (within seconds!), every time, getting us from place to place efficiently and comfortably. We even experienced heavy rain during one of our travel days, but it didn’t delay our train by even a minute.

Just to put things into perspective, traveling between Tokyo and Kyoto takes about 6 hours by car, but in the Bullet Train we made it in a little over two hours. As you’ve probably experienced, traveling the same distance across Texas via plane or by car takes exponentially longer, with many more pain points. Not only is the journey shorter, but taking a Bullet Train means:

  • Flexible booking options
  • The chance to enjoy your journey and be productive onboard
  • Reliable travel times
  • No traffic or weather delays

Getting off the train was as easy as boarding. Multiple doors allow for a quick exit so you don’t have to anxiously wait for passengers to file off, like you do on an airplane.

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Amenities on Amenities

Just like the stations, the trains are clean and have plenty of room. I was equally excited about the fact that our train had no middle seats!

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Once I got settled, I checked out all of the features. Each seat is outfitted with:

  • Two tray tables
  • An adjustable seat and footrest
  • Window with shade control
  • Charger
  • Wifi access
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The Bullet Train provides everything you need to be productive, or simply enjoy the ride. Passengers moved down the aisles easily, with plenty of room for strollers and wheelchairs. In fact, when the Texas Bullet Train is built, it will be the most accessible form of mass transit in the state.

While the Shinkansen landscape flew by, all I needed to worry about was relaxing and catching up on a few emails.

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It’s Time To Get #YallAboard

The Bullet Train is the mode of transportation you and your family can feel good about riding. Not only does it provide a streamlined trip, it is also the world’s safest mass transit technology. Last year, Texas had 3,773 fatalities on the road – Japan’s Bullet Train has operated for over 50 years with ZERO fatalities.

It’s about time Texas embraces all of the benefits a Bullet Train could bring to the state. I can’t wait until this transportation option is available for all Texans, so we can get #YallAboard.