It’s Engineering Week: Get to know some of the engineers building your Texas High-Speed Train!

It’s Engineering Week: Get to know some of the engineers building your Texas High-Speed Train!


As Texas Central builds your Texas high-speed train and continues to meet significant project milestones, it’s important to take time and highlight just a few of the hundreds of professionals who are actually doing the hands-on work every day.

Today, over 250 people are working on the railroad – from engineers and architects to planners, designers and other technical experts. These professionals continue to work every day, on many fronts, including infrastructure engineering design, development of world-leading safety practices and rules, design of the interior of the trains, best practices for the customer/rider experience, minimizing environmental impact and much more.

Did you know the Texas high-speed train is the largest infrastructure project in Texas’ history?

To build a project of this magnitude, Texas Central has engaged the best companies in the world, including the global construction and engineering firm Salini Impregilo – along with their US-based subsidiary Lane Construction – to lead the civil construction consortium. The company was selected because it is active in more than 50 countries on five continents, with experience building more than 4,000 miles of railway infrastructure around the world – in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Texas is a land of big ideas, and this project is the latest example of an innovative, forward-thinking approach that will benefit generations of Americans. This high-speed railroad is planting the seed of a new industry in Texas that will grow technology and jobs in America.

Since it’s Engineering Week, we want to celebrate our outstanding team members, brilliant subject matter experts, and world-class partners working on your train each and every day. Let’s #BuildThisTrain!