Our Commitment: Health, Safety and Environmental Policy on the Texas High-Speed Train

Texas Central is fully committed to establishing a culture that provides the greatest care for the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of those working on the project, creating a safe system for future operations and maintenance, and catering to the needs of people in communities where we work and, of course, for you as passengers of the railroad.

The strategic importance of health, safety and the environment will be promoted through leadership and commitment at all levels of the organization, starting with the Chief Executive Officer and Texas Central Board. Texas Central will not compromise on these values and will sustain a selfless commitment to helping others.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to the management of health, safety and the environment, working with all stakeholders to improve program effectiveness and prevent incidents. We embrace collaborative and engaging workplaces that promote contribution and innovation by all.

To that end, Texas Central employees and all project participants have each publicly committed to the following principles and we wanted to share them with you.

  • Conduct strategic planning so that timely mitigation strategies can be implemented;
  • Implement a H&S Management System and a System Safety Program to identify and manage risks through design and construction into operations;
  • Set goals for Occupational Health and Well-being performance that reduces risk to health;
  • Respect and actively listen to stakeholders and communities, understanding their concerns and performing our work in a sustainable manner;
  • Perform work in compliance with laws, commitments and permits, approvals, formal requirements standards and regulations;
  • Provide adequate resources, training and coaching throughout the organization and supply chain to deliver on commitments and maximize opportunity for HSE success;
  • Encourage collaborative, open communications and reporting for continual improvement and incident prevention;
  • Continually seek to improve our program’s effectiveness; and,
  • Celebrate success and recognize those who are making a difference.

We believe that all harm is preventable. Everyone shares responsibility for a safe and healthy environment through early identification of concerns, knowledge sharing, active participation and encouragement.

Health, safety and the environment are, and will remain, our daily values.