It’s Time to Provide Comment on YOUR Texas Bullet Train

Tim Keith Explains How the Public can comment on the DEIS

It’s Time to Provide Comment on YOUR Texas Bullet Train

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Comments Needed For YOUR Texas Bullet Train!

Thank you to everyone who attended a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Public Hearing to support your Texas Bullet Train. The public comment period continues until March 9th 2018, so we urge you to  continue to provide comments to the FRA via the links below.

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This is your opportunity to show your support for the project and provide feedback on the facts put forward in the DEIS. Your comments will help inform the process to address community and environmental concerns – and there are no limits to the number of comments you can submit. A well-designed high-speed train system benefits our country, our state, and YOU as a rider.

The Texas Bullet Train is only made better through collaboration between Texas Central and you – our stakeholders, our neighbors and our customers. That’s why people working on the high-speed train have spent countless hours in conversation with local community leaders and planners, as well as landowners.

Here are some highlights from the DEIS that I hope you will mention in your comments to the FRA.

The Texas Bullet Train will:

  • Create jobs for Texans – more than 10,000 direct jobs per year during construction and more than 1,500 jobs permanently when operational — at least 25% of them in rural counties along the route;
  • Increase tax rolls in ALL impacted counties – $6.5-$7 billion net positive tax impact by 2040;
  • Bring the safest mass transportation technology in the world to Texas – Shinkansen trains boast a 53-year history with ZERO crashes or fatalities while in operation;
  • Be a cleaner way to travel – an environmentally-friendly alternative to flying or driving in an area where 4 of the counties served are already air quality non-attainment status;
  • Preserve land access for property owners – a majority of the 240-mile route will be built on elevated viaducts, allowing easy access from one side of the tracks to the other;
  • Give travelers with disabilities a safe, comfortable alternative to driving or flying – system meets or exceeds the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Provide better connectivity for the Brazos Valley – places the Brazos Valley in the middle of a new, globally competitive super economy that will consist of the 14 million residents between Houston and North Texas.

Texas Central is building YOUR Texas Bullet Train – using the safest, most reliable transportation technology anywhere in the world. Take time to provide your comments…. And let’s make your Texas Bullet Train even better – by working together.