Train Talk: Episodes 1 & 2 — Paul Waby & The “Safety Bubble”

Train Talk: Episodes 1 & 2 — Paul Waby & The “Safety Bubble”


Welcome to the first episode of Train Talk, a weekly video podcast from the team building your Texas High-Speed Train! In this new series, we will get to know all of the amazing folks working every day on this project; we’ll talk about the opportunities a project of this magnitude brings for Texans, and, we’ll touch on a host of other issues related to bringing high-speed trains to the United States.

In this episode, Monty and Rebecca interview Texas Central’s Rail Systems Director, Paul Waby. Paul is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Shinkansen system and what it takes to transfer that technology to another market. Paul was part of the team that built the Taiwanese Shinkansen system, which began operations in 2007. Just like it’s predecessor system in Japan, the Taiwanese Shinkansen line has been running for over 11 years with ZERO injuries or fatalities due to operational accident. Combine that with the Japanese system touting a 54-year perfect safety record and you can easily see why Texas Central wants to bring the world’s safest mass transportation system to Texas.

We hope you enjoy this first episode of Train Talk, a new platform for us to showcase the amazing people that are working on the project and keep you updated on the work we’re doing everyday to build your Texas High-Speed Train!