Train Talk Episodes 14 & 15 – Joy of the Journey with Graham Leech


Train Talk Episodes 14 & 15 – Joy of the Journey with Graham Leech

Rebecca and Monty talk with the Customer Experience expert at Texas Central, Graham Leech, who leads the team responsible for making the train as comfortable, enjoyable and convenient as possible for all riders.

In Part 1, we talk about what goes into creating a great customer experience from a door-to-door perspective, why this technology is right for Texas, and specific benefits of the system from a future rider’s point of view.

Plus, we take a couple of minutes to watch Texas Central’s “Life on the Fast Train” video with Graham and get his thoughts on the experiences of one future rider.

In Part 2, we continue our discussion with customer experience expert Graham Leech, who leads the team working every day to make sure you have the best experience possible when riding the Texas high-speed train. In it, Rebecca and Monty talk to Graham about his career before joining Texas Central, including his time working for Virgin Trains in the UK and Europe, his view of relevant trends in the transportation industry, and why Texas trains will HAVE NO MIDDLE SEATS.

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