Train Talk Rapid Response: Thousands of Your Letters Delivered


Train Talk Rapid Response: Thousands of Your Letters Delivered

Thank you! Your support is making a difference

Thanks to the tremendous support from YOU, and other Texans, the Texas high-speed train was able to deliver more than 21,000 of your letters directly to elected officials in Austin this week. Because of this, the high-speed train is building momentum as it moves through the preconstruction phase and into construction.

 Texans from across the state are excited about having this fast, safe and reliable choice connecting half the state’s population. This support comes not just from the desire to ride the train, but also the jobs, economic development and clean alternative it provides.

  • YOU HAVE SENT NEARLY 100,000 LETTERS to officials since 2015
  • More than 38,000 Texans have signed on to advocate for the Texas high-speed train
  • Facebook followers have reached 138K and growing
  • Over 80% of Texans polled said they would probably or definitely use this train

Of course, it is never too late to show your support for this important project – and the journey is certainly not over. Here are just a few reasons why Texans from all walks of life are #ReadyToRide this train:

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The project also enjoys support from a wide range of state and national associations and organizations. We are proud of what we are building here in Texas and HOW we are doing it. Let’s keep Texas open for business!

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As a reminder, the Texas high-speed train is here on purpose after reviewing 97 city pairs to determine the most commercially successful place to deploy a high-speed train. It will be successful as a result of the existing and growing demand from travelers and the nature of the construction. People are already making 16 MILLION trips between North Texas and Houston per year and more than 100,000 super-commuters do it on a weekly basis. The number of passengers making the journey continues to grow as the state population increases. The Houston to Dallas/Fort Worth region is by far, the most rapidly growing region in the nation. In 2018, Dallas and Houston combined added 224,700 jobs, compared to number two city, New York, at 115,500 jobs. No other region even comes close.

The Texas Train will save lives, drive economic development and provide jobs and tax dollars. It is the world’s safest mass transit option. Last year, Texas had 3,567 fatalities on the road – Shinkansen trains have operated for over 50 years moving billions of people with ZERO fatalities.

It’s about time Texas embraces all of the benefits a high-speed train will bring to the state.

Again, Thank you for your advocacy and will keep you posted on the Texas legislative session.