Train Talk: Episodes 3 & 4 — Travis Kelly

Train Talk: Episodes 3 & 4 — Travis Kelly


This week on Train Talk, Monty and Rebecca chat with Travis Kelly, the Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for Texas Central and a high-speed train project day-oner. In this video, Travis opens up about his childhood growing up in Waxahachie, his darkest fears and hopes and dreams – but mostly the three of them just geek out over trains. Coincidentally, they all three love working for a railroad company building the first high-speed train project in Texas and the US!

Also: Did you know Travis is a very prestigious national award winner? Are tears shed? Did the shocking darkest fears segment make the final cut? And, what does a “Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement” do anyway?

Answers to those questions and more are just a click away.