Transportation & The Texas Environment — It’s About Time For A Better Way

The Texas High-Speed Train
Faster. Better. Greener.

The Texas High-Speed Train is set to revolutionize the way Texans travel between the state’s largest metropolitan regions – North Texas and Houston – while bringing one of the greenest transportation technologies in existence directly to the Lone Star State!

The all-electric High-Speed Train embodies decades of applied research, continual improvement and energy saving technologies, making it one of the lightest weight, quietest and environmentally friendly trains in the world. It consumes 1/8th less energy and expends 1/12th the carbon per passenger mile than a Boeing B777.

Trains are one of the most efficient forms of transportation in the world and they help relieve the stress caused by already crowded roads. According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement, the Texas High-Speed Train will help take more than 14,000 cars off of I-45 each day, saving approximately 81.5 million gallons of gasoline per year and leading to net reductions in nitrous oxides, volatile organic compounds and greenhouse gas emissions!

The Texas High-Speed Train is an environmentally-friendly way to help keep rural Texas rural, while also helping to make urban Texas more efficient and cleaner. It’s a critical need in a service area in which 4 of the counties are already air quality non-attainment status. It is time to provide an innovative transportation option that will help generations of future Texans move quickly, safely and efficiently across their state.

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