State Fair of Texas

A Project With the Economic Power of 60 Texas State Fairs

There aren’t many things as big as the State Fair of Texas. From the bottom of Big Tex’s size 96 Boots, to the top of his 95 gallon hat, the State Fair of Texas has a huge impact on our State — both culturally and economically. Every year, the Fair has an estimated economic impact of about $600 MILLION.  The Texas Central project is projected to have a cumulative economic impact of $36 BILLION between now and the year 2040.  That’s the equivalent of 60 State Fairs.

Best of all, when the high-speed train begins service, Texans from Houston and the Brazos Valley will be just a 90-minute or less train ride away from enjoying the Fair for themselves—connecting even more Texans with this great tradition and expanding the economy at the same time.

Look at the economic impact totals below, please let your elected officials know if you agree that it’s about time to #BuildThisTrain!


  • $10 Billion = The amount Texas Central is estimated to spend during the design and construction of the rail project
  • $36 Billion = The potential cumulative economic impact of the project’s construction and operation through 2040.
  • $38 Billion = The estimated economic impact of potential new private development through 2040 near the project’s planned North Texas, Houston and Brazos Valley Stations.


  • 40,000 = The number of jobs potentially created during the initial 4 years of construction alone.
  • 1,000 = Estimated number of Texas Central employees potentially required all along the rail line corridor.
  • 4,000 = Estimated additional jobs created indirectly as a result of the project.


  • $2.5 Billion = The amount of direct tax revenue that the Texas Central project could pay between now and 2040.