Connecting Fans

The Texas Central High-Speed Train: Connecting Fans

You could be at the big game!

Cowboys / Texans… Mavericks / Rockets…Astros / Rangers…….Stars, Aggies, Longhorns, Bears, Bearkats, Cougars, Mustangs and Owls.  Whether its professional, Collegiate, or high school athletics, Texas is the premiere state in the nation for sports fans. And, as any true fan will tell you, nothing beats watching a game live and in-person. The Texas Central High-Speed Train will give the fans from North Texas, Houston and the Brazos Valley a new, faster and better alternative to flying or driving between sporting events in the state’s two largest cities. They will simply have to show up to the station, purchase a ticket and hop on the train, where they’ll be whisked away to their destination, whether it’s a Texas Aggies home game or a trip to see JJ Watt demolish an opposing quarterback.  

The Houston and North Texas regions are already stacked with legendary sports rivalries at the high school, college and professional levels. And, if you think these rivalries are hot now, just wait until the High-Speed Train Series becomes reality. Fans from both regions will be able to hop on a train and zip across the state at twice the speed of a Nolan Ryan fastball.

Imagine working all day in Houston, getting off at 4:30 p.m. and making it to a Rangers game in time for a 7:05 p.m. first pitch. That is not an option without this train.

If you’d like to see this project become reality in Texas, please fill out the form on this page and tell your elected officials that it’s about time we had a safe and reliable option for Texans who want to support their team, school or city.

Traveling Fans = Consistent Economic Impacts

In addition to the massive economic impact this private project will have on jobs, development and increased tax bases — regular fan traffic between cities will provide consistent predictable revenues.

Safely Enjoying the Journey

One of the biggest deterrents to traveling around the state for a game is the expectation of traffic congestion along major arteries like I-45.  Anyone who’s traveled to Dallas, Houston or College Station for a game can tell you how much they dread that drive back home afterwards. Not only are you dealing with increased traffic, but you also have to worry about drowsy, distracted or drunk drivers.

However, by riding the high-speed train you can avoid I-45 entirely and have peace of mind knowing that your  friends and family will be safe traveling on a system that has a spotless 50+ year safety record. And that’s a win for everyone.