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…for a safer way to travel.

The Texas High-Speed Train System will utilize the world’s safest mass transportation technology, the Shinkansen System, which has operated in Japan for 50+ years with ZERO fatalities during operations.

…for the first High-Speed Train in Texas.

The Texas High-Speed Train will be the first truly high-speed train project in Texas and the United States, connecting North Texas and Houston in less than 90 minutes. The Texas High-Speed Train will provide a safe, fast, efficient and productive transportation alternative between two of the nation’s largest population centers.

…for a more secure way to travel.

Train travel is fundamentally different than air travel. No intrusive airport security measures that result in disrobing and unpacking.  On this train, you can keep your boots on!

…for a more Texan jobs.

More than 10,000 jobs will be created directly by the project during each year of construction, and more than 1,500 permanent jobs will be created by the Texas high-Speed Train. Altogether, the direct economic impact of the project is expected to exceed $36 billion over the next 25 years.