MILESTONE: First Look at the interior layout of the Texas High-Speed Train

Times are changing for travelers moving between Texas’ two largest regions, Houston and North Texas. What was once either a tireless slog or a hurry-up-to-slow-down frisking is being replaced by the best travel experience the world has to offer. 

 In short, nothing that exists today in the United States can come close to matching the transportation excellence embodied by the Texas High-Speed Train: 


 Today, to kick off Engineering Week, we’re going to focus on ENGINEERING COMFORT. Texas Central has just unveiled the interior layout of your high-speed train cars – and it’s a game changer. 

As you can see, Texas High-Speed Train cars feature 2×2 and 2×1 seating only with NO MIDDLE SEAT EVER. This design gives passengers nearly a foot more legroom than most coach airlines seats ensuring the MOST COMFORTABLE ride possible for all riders. So, no more waking up your neighbor just to get up and use the restroom. Other important features include wider aisles, improved lighting, and audio and visual signals for train arrivals and departures. 

First-Class comfort, with even more space:

  • WIDE aisles: 32” (wider than an airplane)
  • Ample space: 32” of legroom and 41” seat pitch (nearly a foot of total added space compared to flying first-class)
  • All seats recline, optimized to offer best recline without disturbing the passenger in rear
  • And, no seatbelts!
No "middle-seat" squeeze
No middle-seat squeeze + extra legroom = a travel experience that allows you to own your personal space.

Another next level feature of the Texas high-speed train interior is the large, wide windows that allow for breathtaking views of the beautiful Texas countryside. Twice the width of airplane windows (20X20.5”) with an additional 6-inches of height make for a great visual experience for everyone on board. Windows are also equipped with individual blinds and double-glazed UV safety glass. 


In these luxurious Texas-sized seats, you’ll have the world at your fingertips with instant access to blazing-fast onboard WIFI as you zoom through the beautiful landscapes of Texas. So, no more turning electronics on and off for take-off and landing. Your phone is always on TRAIN MODE. 



 For many Texans with disabilities, traveling between North Texas and Houston can be a nightmare – either you have to travel by road which can take anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 hours and be incredibly uncomfortable, or by plane where you are subjected to invasive security searches, skinny aisles, small seats and an inherent amount of unpredictability.

Texas Central is building your Texas high-speed train for ALL TEXANS, which means it will be fully accessible and meet or exceed all ADA specifications. Inside the trains, in addition to conveniently located areas for wheelchairs and attendant seating, passengers in wheelchairs will be able to move throughout the entire train in their chair. Aisle widths on board the train will enable passengers in wheel or powerchairs to easily move up and down aisles and between train cars, providing a more comfortable ride for passengers using mobility devices. This design will allow riders in wheelchairs the freedom to decide whether they want to remain in their chair or move to an assigned seat. This freedom of movement often leads to other choices including whether they want an attendant to join them on the journey. In addition, platforms in the train stations will have a no-step entry to the train floors so that passengers in wheelchairs can board safely and easily, with a smooth and level transition onto the train and along the entire interior aisle of the train. 

The restrooms will also be ADA accessible, convenient, and allow for contiguous and smooth access from adjoining cars during the less than 90-minute travel time.

 As a result of these design elements that keep accessibility in mind, you make the ridership experience better for everyone.




 The Texas high-speed train will be welcoming and accommodating to passengers with service animals. Requirements are being reviewed closely to understand what is needed for the best accommodation for both the service animals and riders of the train.  

On the train, the leg room provided for most seats will allow those with service animals to select a variety of seating, not just in a bulkhead row. Texas Central recognizes the importance of having service animals accompany persons with disabilities, and we look forward to being your choice to travel.




While we’re on the topic of rider experience, let’s discuss the idea of “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) which is a driving force behind the push for more and better transportation options like high-speed trains. MaaS is driven by today’s technology-enabled world; it’s smart, integrated, on-demand mobility at your fingertips that puts you in charge of your journey. Think rideshare, bikeshare, scooters and other on-demand transit solutions. Your device enables you to create your journey on your schedule. 

Unlike any other option available in the US today, our goal is to connect your entire journey from couch to couch or desk to desk using innovative technology rather than a station-to-station approach. And, as Texans continue to embrace transportation technologies beyond airplanes and cars, more alternatives will have to be offered –the high-speed train will be leading the way. 



High-speed trains provide a BETTER WAY to travel the Lone Star State by removing the many pain points of driving and flying. From flexible booking options and seamless interchanges to frictionless security, wide aisles, comfortable seating, fast WIFI and food and beverage service, high-speed trains provide an anxiety-free travel experience for families, business travelers, students, tourists and anyone else traveling between North Texas, the Brazos Valley and Houston.

SAFE. RELIABLE. COMFORTABLE. It’s a BETTER way to travel Texas.