Retrain Your Brain

Pain Points disappear when you remove the roadblocks and hassles of travel and replace them with big, cozy chairs and high-speed connectivity, and then you max out the legroom, ditch the middle seats and leave the delays to highways and airports. No one likes the hassles of travel, we all just want to be there.

So, take a load off travelers, kick back, relax and get ready to:

Retrain Your Brain

The high-speed train system coming to Texas is such a giant leap forward in travel technology (as well as a transformation of passenger experience), that we have trouble putting it into words…

So, we’re adding some fun graphics and videos to SHOW you how your experience will be better. We’re calling the campaign “Retrain Your Brain” because, as Americans, we have unfortunately become resigned to the idea that traveling is inherently awful (it doesn’t have to be!) and we need to – wait for it – RETRAIN OUR BRAINS to rediscover the magic of moving at high speeds!

Riding the Texas high-speed train will eliminate many of the most painful and unreliable impacts of driving and flying. And, what was once, the bane of so many Texans’ existence (traveling back and forth between North Texas, Houston and the Brazos Valley) will now be something to look forward to.

It’s not the travel that’s a pain, it’s the unsafe, inconsistent, intrusive and unreliable nature of the choices you have today. This high-speed train is our ticket off I-45 and the tarmac for a safe, consistent, pleasant and reliable journey.

Repeat after me:

Humans are not cargo or cattle.

Humans are not cargo or cattle.

Humans are not cargo or cattle.

You deserve better. #RetrainYourBrain and demand:

  • More from a travel company and less from your automobile
  • An emission-free journey between the state’s two economic powerhouses 
  • To look forward to the journey, not just the destination
  • A commute that works (or sleeps) for you, and on your terms
  • A holiday weekend NOT marred by holiday traffic
  • To be on time, every time
  • Flexible booking options


Shall I continue? Cause I have more….

Ok, then. You gotta #RetrainYourBrain to expect:

Frictionless Security

Anxiety-Free Journey

Forget About Speeding Tickets

Accommodating Wheelchairs & Strollers

No Drunk or Distracted Drivers

Security Without Disrobing or Frisking

A Fast, Seamless Booking Experience

Breathe Emissions-Free Air

Your Safety is Our Top Priority!

A Heart-to-Heart with Drivers

Let’s face it, Texas, driving can be a giant hassle and it is only getting worse. High-speed train travel is light years better than driving – especially on I-45 – and especially when there’s a bathroom on board.

Despite what you may have heard and/or experienced, traveling between North Texas and Houston doesn’t have to be a pain – or take 4+ hours you experience if you regularly drive along I45.

And, fear not young Texan, you are not destined to a life full of traffic jams and road construction as you navigate the 240-mile route between North Texas and Houston, because there is a better way.